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  • Teaching / educating students on a regular basis

    Education is key to live with happiness and prosperity Whether it's about normal people or visually challenged people It is important for the personal, social and economic development of the nation.
    Education empowers minds which will be able to conceive good thoughts and ideas. So why not spread it throughout the world?
    Here at BPA, we try to provide education to blind students.  We have students starting from class 8th and all the way up to the ones pursuing masters.
    But it's difficult to manage all the resources at the same time as we are a non-profit, it takes time as well as a professional to read through braille. If you want to help our students with their ongoing studies, as a volunteer teacher you can get them up to speed in the studies. Your contribution is welcomed and much appreciated.

  • Timely health check-ups

    "Health is Wealth“ this is what we have been taught since childhood which means our good health is the real wealth of our life as it is responsible for our good physique and mind and enables us to enjoy whole life by managing all challenges.  Being blind is unfortunate as you completely miss a sense. But still, at be BPA we try to make things easy for our students. Getting the right checks at the right time throughout life may help people detect potential health problems early.
    Having regular health checks have several advantages. It can help a person understand their health needs, values, and concerns, and help identify some potential health risk factors where they can make healthy improvements. If you are a doctor or a Medical Practitioner, you can help us with quarterly health checkups for all our students for their good and healthy future.

  • Befriending with the blind is no different from having any other friend.

    Once you start speaking openly and doing things together, the rest follows. Ask what they like to do and see if you have any common interests. When making plans, keep location in mind and consider activities near public transportation. Make them comfortable  Above all, just be yourself.It is very important for our visual challenged students to befriend with the normal people to decrease the gap between them which the society has built unnecessarily. It motivates students and encourages them to do something out of the box.

  • Good Communication skills

    Good communication needs a good speaker as well as a good listener. Students with visual impairment all depend on their ability to listen to learn things, they may need help to develop skills for themselves to do tasks more efficiently.As we know that there is not much scope for visually challenged people in India but having good communication skills is key to success for them. If you want to help a blind learn a secondary language, it goes a long way in their life. After all, speech is their primary mode of communication.

  • Fundraising/marketing support

    Help us raise funds by joining as a volunteer by

    - Reaching out to target audiences who want to do good for society.
    - Providing creative ideas and inspiration to get started.
    - Providing information and resources, such as T-shirts, balloons, posters, leaflets and other marketing material.
    - Helping promote the event in your local area.
    - Getting good sponsorship.
    - Actively taking part in voluntary programs organized by BPA.
    - Spreading awareness about the abilities of visually impaired people.

  • Outing/travelling support

    Everyone needs change of environment for a better and happy life. Moving around and travelling refreshes our mind and helps us to think vividly. Although blind people don't have sense of sight their other senses works more efficiently then the normal people they feel things more they sense the change of environment while we just see it. so if you'd like to sponsorship for an outing of our student or maybe take them out on your family picnic, that's one way to support the blind.

  • Photograph the Blind

    We all know how Photography has changed the political realm and driven our society by bringing positive change and mental attitude.
    Photography is picture language, the newest version of the oldest form of graphic communication. So why not use it to show some glimpse of blind people's life? After all, society should know who blind people live their life happily without having an important sense. Blind people (even though blind), tend to have the same kind of feelings as normal people. Let the people get inspired because once a prudent man once said "it is easy to get inspired, but not so easy to be an inspiration"

    As a volunteer photographer, you can help bring awareness toward the blind society and build your portfolio at the same time.

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