BPA is in constant need of your help and to help us make sure we have what we need to support our talented students. We have listed our current requirements.
Current Requirements

  • Lunch, Breakfast or dinner for 20 children on a day of your choice Rs. 2000 donate
  • Braille books for blind child for a year Rs. 5,000 donate
  • Books & uniform for a child for a year Rs. 6,000 donate
  • Hostel & food sponsorship for a child for a year Rs. 15,000 donate
  • Computer for a blind children Rs. 25,000 donate
  • Education sponsorship of blind child for a year rs. 36,000 donate
  • Sponsor Wedding for one of the blind girls Rs. 51,000 donate

Or donate a another amount.
(Credit Cards & Net banking.)


Don't believe in donation Cash? no worries at all, we are always in need of the essentials.

You can order the below listed items directly from the website of your choice and send it to our address directory or deliver them in hand if you prefer.

The fun stuff (actually smart phones and head phones are really important as they get the blind access to a vast amount of knoweldge that's not available to them otherwise).

The essentials (things for the blind).

  • Cane (Amazon) (about 300 - 1000 INR)
  • Braille Slate (Amazon) (about 1200 - 2000 INR)


Shipping address would be: Flat no 586, Sector 13-A, Rosewood Aparments, Dwarka, New Delhi - 75.