Blind Persons Association

BPA came in the existence in the year 1981 with an aim to empower , Rehabilitee, Integrate and provide equal opportunities to the girls with visual impairment to lead a dignified life so that they become useful and contributing members of the society.

Blind Persons Association is registered charity under the Indian Societies Registration Act of 1860 wide registration No. 11914 works for the welfare and development of the visually impaired persons. BPA aims at providing support to visually impaired through our various programmes and projects. Our main focus is to make visually impaired self dependent by training them in to daily routine and make them employable. Through our Marriage initiative of blind’s we are helping them to live a social life as common man of the society.

Blindness is an unfortunate disability.

  • The Institution aims at integrating the blind population with the general pattern of the society through a process of education and by equipping them with such vocational training to enable them to gain a reasonable degree of economic independence.
  • Our organization also aims at self-development of the blind and developing skills in them which helps them in achieving higher goals in their life.
  • We also propose to operate a workshop so as to enable them to earn while learning.
  • We aim to impart our services without any discrimination of caste, creed, colour or any other discrimination. We provide our services to blind students from different states of India.
  • Our activities are only made possible with public support and donation.We works towards sensitizing people at large to be responsible for inclusive growth and engender quality upbringing for visually impaired.

Our vision is to change what it means to be blind, to enable people with all degrees of blindness to discover a new self-image and build a new future in our ever-changing society, and to cultivate a world of equality in which all blind people live the life they want to live.

Here at Blind Person Association, our mission is to provide a better living to blind girls by guiding them, giving them access to quality education and to brush up their skills, resulting in boosting their confidence and enable our graduates to live full and independent lives and fulfill their personal goals, lead in their own households and raise their own families, navigate the world and participate fully in all of its potentials, pursue higher education to their fullest desired extent, work in competitive employment and pursue their occupational dreams, provide valuable energies, skills, and services to employers, and contribute their leadership, expertise, and talents to their communities despite their disability. We serve to empower blind people of all ages and all degrees of blindness

Donations made to our organizations are exempted from Income Tax under section 80G of Income Tax Act 1960.

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